About Us

Prospitious is an experienced Human Resources services provider based in National Capital Region of India that has the skills and understanding to use technology to help solve business challenges.

Scaling up requires a combination of elements; a right business model, building and delivering market fit products & services, access to the rights funds and much more. But at the heart of it, it’s the people that are the competitive edge for the growing organization Read more…

Why Prospitious

Different jobs require different skill-sets, backgrounds and experience. Finding candidates that fit the unique scope of your business may mean you need to cast a wider net. At Prospitious, sourcing talent for specific roles and industries is a bit of an art—and one we have mastered well. The key to identifying the right talent is reaching them where they’re at, and in the most relevant ways. From social media and mobile recruiting to local networking and candidate referrals, Prospitious is well-connected to the talent in our community. So, finding highly specialized talent is no challenge!

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